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Modern Nepalese

Indulge in the exotic flavors of Nepal at Lakhey!

Lakhey, as a team desires to introduce the exotic flavours of Nepal with delicious unique cocktails to go with it.

Our vision is to serve happiness and nourish our customers through quality meal and extraordinary experience while working towards the greater vision of introducing the culture, tradition and the talent that has been hidden from the world.

Our Chef

From our Head Chef

Sashim Bhetwal

Sashim Bhetwal, a Nepalese-born chef has taken another new challenge by joining as Head chef at LAKHEY, a Neo-Traditional Nepalese Restaurant. Sashim brings you Nepalese cuisine with a modern approach to it. His menu features Nepalese and Australian ingredients together, bringing the guests a unique experience.

As the Head Chef, he is continuously striving to build upon his vision of providing exemplary dishes and a unique guests’ experience.

Opening Hour

Monday to Saturday - 4PM Till Late


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